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Great Gallery #1

These life size Indian drawings, estimated to be between 3500 and 8000 years old (depending on who you ask), are considered to be the finest examples of rock art in the continental United States. After a 3-mile hike down into the remote Horseshoe Canyon, my friend Carl and I came upon the massive 200 foot long rock art panel. The air was thick with magic as I set up my camera and focused in on a geometric section of the rock face that framed the mysterious figures.

Many mysterious events have occurred when I have visited this rock art site. Animals, including deer and hawks, have appeared unannounced and have silently watched us photograph. There is a presence in this canyon, which exists beyond the veil of time and speaks only when we are quiet… I photograph rock art in these canyons to remember this presence—a presence that renews my artistic energies and heals. Photo © copyright by Robert Hansen.

16"x20" limited edition

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