Fine Art: Ancestral Puebloan Ruins / Rock Art Portfolio (Black And White)

This portfolio mirrors my 35-year fascination with the Anasazi rock art and cliff dwellings of the southwest. There is a presence here which exists beyond the veil of time and speaks only when we are quiet… I photograph rock art in these canyons to remember this presence—a presence that renews my artistic energies. The images in this black and white portfolio are available as 16x20 Platinum/Palladium prints and pigment prints hand made by the artist. For square formats the image size is 16"x16" for The Great Gallery #2 and Antelope House the sizes are 18"x24" and 12"x24" respectively.

Platinum/Palladium prints are printed on Arches Plantine watercolor paper with a 1 inch border around the image. The paper is then hinge mounted on a 24"x30" 4 ply Museum Rag Board. I offer an 8 ply rag board over mat for an additional fee. The product is then carefully boxed, insured and shipped.

Pigment Prints on watercolor paper are also presented with a 1 inch white border around the image and are carefully wrapped in plastic and shipped rolled in a tube. Contact Robert at 949-525-3346 or email at for specific ordering information, shipping and handling costs.

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