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Plate #18: Sanctuary Ruin, Tabi Hacienda

Yucatan, Mexico, 2002

We had driven into the rain forest 12 kilometers searching for an illusive hacienda named Tabi. Doubting my good friend's directions, we were close to turning back when suddenly the forest opened up and there it was. The main house, which was over 250 feet long in all its magnificence, was virtually abandoned. But what caught my attention were the skeletal remains of the hacienda church across from the main house. I have often wondered which of my photographs describes the Yucatan experience most fully. Without hesitation I would say that "Sanctuary Ruin, Tabi" is the one!

To purchase a print of this image, please contact the House of Photographic Arts in San Juan Capistrano, CA, phone 949-496-3330. Photo © copyright by Robert Hansen.

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