Books: Yucatan Passages

A photographer's pilgrimage through southern Mexico.

For ten years Robert Hansen annually traveled the back roads of the Yucatán Peninsula searching out remote Mayan ruin sites, haciendas, and abandoned churches and generally immersing himself into the Mayan culture. This beautifully printed 12"×12" book contains photographs and journal entries made from these extensive travels. It also includes valuable maps and directional information for anyone wishing to visit these fascinating sites. Published by the Laguna Wilderness Press, Yucatán Passages is available in softcover, hardcover, and a special boxed limited edition with one fine art print. All copies sold on this web site will be signed by the artist.

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“In Yucatán Passages, Robert Hansen takes us on a journey that becomes much more than a visual documentation of people and places. He has the heart of a searcher, the eyes of a poet, the hands of a craftsman—traits manifested in sensitive portraits of faces marked by time and tradition, panoramic scenes of ancient ruins with their aging stones illuminated by the evening sun, intimate depictions of dark and mysterious corners of spiritual spaces.”
Henry Rasmussen
Publisher and Editor of Black & White Magazine

“Robert Hansen gives us a diary of images with intimacy, chiaroscuros, prevailing customs and mystic vision. One can truly enjoy his images captured by lens during his travels.”
Carlos Garcia Ponce
President, Fundación Cultural Macay, A.C.
Museo Arte Contemporáneo de Yucatan