Commercial Photography: Design Services: Laguna Niguel City Hall

Working in conjunction with Professional Arts Services, Robert was commissioned to help decorate the New Laguna Niguel City Hall with unique artwork created from images of Laguna Niguel landscapes, people, and historical photos. Two large panoramic photographs measuring 24 feet long and 32 feet long respectively were created by making multiple exposures and stiching them together from vistas overlooking Laguna Niguel and Saddleback Valley. These pieces were printed on canvas and hung in the office area.

Robert and Cori also collaborated on a unique piece of art measuring 5 feet by 6 feet. This collage was created from lifestyle images and landscapes photographed specifically for the collage. Materials used to create this piece were canvas prints and images printed on acrylic joined together and layered to form a highly textured, sculptural work of art. This unique piece showcases the custom designs that can be created combining photographs and creative printing and display techniques.

Laguna Niguel City Hall 1
Laguna Niguel City Hall 2
Laguna Niguel City Hall 3
Laguna Niguel City Hall 4
Laguna Niguel City Hall 5